Food Trucks Endorse Santa Monica City Council Candidate

Once again, a coalition of food trucks are putting their weight behind a candidate in a local election. During the primary, the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association successfully put their weight behind Betsy Butler (and they still support her for tomorrow’s election), but new to their list is Robert Kronovet, a Rent Board Commissioner running for a seat on the Santa Monica City Council.

“He is the only entrepreneur running for a seat and he understands how over-regulation can ruin an industry,” explained Matt Geller on the SCMFVA blog. “Commissioner Kronovet is dedicated to working with the Food Truck industry to come up with equitable solutions to the regulatory issues we face. A vote for Kronovet is a vote for the Food Trucks.”

Santa Monica was home to the first food truck lot, a concept where a vacant property or parking lot is be used for several trucks on a schedule to serve an area that lacks options for local workers. The city promptly shut it down but is now allowing a weekly lot on Main Street on a temporary basis.