Food Trucks Go Gourmet!

By Juliana Whitney |

Food Truck: noun. Restaurant on wheels.

Food trucks are NO LONGER the infamous “roach coaches” limited to feeding the men and women at construction sites; they have gone GOURMET. “Food truck” would be better described as a “restaurant on wheels” and surely the owners would agree. The quality of food is now equal to that which you would find in a store front restaurant, and each restaurant on wheels specializes in something uniquely delicious.

The Food Network really publicized the increasing quality of food trucks on the show “The Great Food Truck Race.” It is understandable that gourmet food has taken over the food truck world since, in this economy, placing a restaurant on wheels is a better financial bet than opening a stationary store front. Food trucks have the luxury of setting up shop all around the city, popping up at different locations for lunch and dinner each day. The restaurants go to the customers instead of waiting for the customers to come to them. It’s a win- win situation, convenient for the customers and for the restaurant on wheels.

How do you keep up with these gourmet nomads? Twitter! Follow them on twitter and you can find out where to go to find them and their DELICIOUS food. Yummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are SOME of the gourmet Las Vegas food trucks and their specialties:

LBS Patty Wagon: Gourmet burgers –

Food Slingers: Marinated Pork & Chicken Slingers –

Han Shik Taco: Korean Tacos –

Haulin Balls: Meat balls of different varieties –

Tasty Bunz: Tasty buns with tasty fillings –

Fuku Burger: Asian inspired burgers –

Muncheeze: Cheezy melty goodness –

Slidin Thru’: Gourmet sliders with the freshest ingredients –