Food Trucks Innovation Report


Food trucks’ presence will be loud and lasting

Mobile food vehicles—trucks, trailers and even push carts—have made their presence known on streets and school campuses, at businesses and in parks, but they’ve also become the center of attention at legislative hearings, in restaurant test kitchens and even on reality television shows.

Technomic has undertaken a North American tour, studying first-hand scores of mobile food vehicles in nine markets in the United States and Canada. At the same time, customers were surveyed about their attitudes and behavior regarding food trucks. The result is the most comprehensive bank of mobile food vehicle usage, menus, pricing, concept and marketing information available.

Operators need to know about food trucks

  • Mobile food vehicles are a competitive force. Many customers see them as not only competitive to, but sometimes superior to, other to-go options.
  • Food truck menus are leading trends in international street food and portable gourmet fare. Smart menu developers are watching these innovative—and sometimes rogue—culinarians.
  • Mobile units can open the door for brick-and-mortar operators to larger catering opportunities, community outreach and introduction to new markets.

Suppliers need to know about food trucks

  • Food truck operators, especially those without restaurant experience, can benefit from assistance with menu development, marketing and more.
  • They also need labor-saving product that still allows customers to see fresh ingredients and preparation.
  • Mobile food vehicle operators can literally shift gears quickly, so suppliers need to stay ahead of their development needs.

Technomic’s comprehensive Food Trucks Innovation Report includes the data, insights and forecasting to enable both operators and suppliers to drive their food truck strategy.

Report deliverables

  • In-depth Trendspotting Report: Includes all of the trends, consumer insights, implications and how-to listed on the oppositepage. Brightly written and colorfully illustrated, the report is prepared with the detail necessary to make real-life decisions and strategic plans for working with, competing against or creating your own mobile food vehicles. Detailed appendices offer extensive contact information for almost 70 food truck and trailer operators, as well as concept profiles and complete menus with pricing information. Delivered electronically in PDF format or mailed as hard-copy.
  • Executive Report Presentation Slide Deck: A summary of the report’s top-line trends and key points, as well as a snapshot of Technomic’s primary consumer research results. Delivered electronically in PowerPoint format.
  • Optional Custom Workshop: Field researcher and Technomic Director Kevin Higar can present research findings customized to your executive team, menu developers, sales staff or customers in person or via webinar. Higar’s data, experience and insight can be tapped to meet your specific needs.

Report highlights

  • Proprietary consumer research—Examining critical consumer opinions and purchase behavior including awareness, effective marketing, experience attributes, expectations and satisfaction
  • Menu trends—An in-depth look at more than 20 menu trends that are creating a buzz among food truck fans and the restaurant industry at large
  • Location and event strategies—The Top 10 places you’re most likely to find a mobile food vehicle
  • Mobile food vehicles vs. traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants—The issues surrounding this competitive marketplace as food trucks look to establish themselves and take market share
  • Marketing—The effectiveness and various forms of traditional and social media marketing strategies being implemented
  • Starting a mobile food vehicle business—Including elements of a business plan, a realistic daily schedule and motivating factors based on discussions with operators in the field
  • Anatomy of a food truck—Go inside a food truck to see what the typical operator has at their disposal
  • Packaging and other accessories
  • Additional amenities—Offered by various mobile food vehicles at their specific locations for enhanced customer value and satisfaction,%202011&