Food Trucks Roll into Apopka’s Kit Land Nelson Park

Treehouse Truck

By Heather McPherson | ORLANDO SENTINEL

Treehouse Truck

APOPKA — Food trucks with cupcakes, tacos, brisket and a whole lot more rolled into Apopka on Thursday.

The trucks gathered around the gazebo at Kit Land Nelson Park. Lines were long but moved at a good pace. The crowd was estimated at between 500-700 people.

Eight-year-old Brooke McGuire and her mother Susan, 48, of Apopka didn’t hold back when she bit into a cupcake from The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck.

“I love it,” she exclaimed. “Chocolate!”

“It’s called chocolate on chocolate,” said Susan. “We also got a peanut butter choco-rama.”

Newcomer Gastro-Truck had generator problems so chef Lori Bragg and her team sold soft drinks, pre-made desserts and mac and cheese.

“We’re just making the most of it,” said Bragg.

Apopka’s event kicked off a regular first Thursday gathering in north Orange County.

Other trucks included The Crooked Spoon, Sunset Ice, Big Wheel Mobile Food Truck, Treehouse Truck, Winter Park Fish Co., Korean BBQ Taco Box II and C&S Brisket Bus.

The food-truck momentum continues to grow, said Joey Conicella, co-owner of The Yum Yum Truck.

“I’ve been familiar with the food-truck scene for a long while, but I don’t think any other metropolitan area is embracing the trend quite like greater Orlando,” he said.

“Food trucks are well-known in large cities across the United States and tend to hover close to downtown,” Conicella said. “We’re creating community within our communities. The recent Avalon Park Truck Food Truck Bazaar drew hundreds and hundreds of people who already knew all about us. It was amazing to see families and friends interacting and people taking the time to listen to a little music.”

“I have a meeting with the city of Ocoee next week and Kissimmee is on the horizon.”