Food Trucks to Get New Neighhhh-bors


Snacking at the race track is a time-honored, and stomach-honored, tradition. After all, there are some good stretches between each post time, and you can only read all of the ponies’ amazing names out loud to your friends so many times.

You need other stuff to do, like visiting the snack bar. Again. And again. Re-nacho-ing is essential.

But what happens when a full fleet of food-truckery rolls onto the grounds? In fact, the very infield of a very famous track?

That’s what will be afoot — or ahoof — at Santa Anita Park on Saturday, January 29. The 2011 Food Truck Festival will be setting up shop, to keep people there to see the races or just to nosh well-taco’d and well-burger’d.

It’s on from 11:30 a.m. through 4 p.m., and tickets are $12 in advance (that will include parking); admission and parking’ll go up at the door. On the sides of the trucks: Border Grill, NaanStop, Dogtown Dogs, and well over a dozen more names you know, or should get to know.

And even if you only intend to do some light food-trying, figure that it isn’t every day you get to see the big animals run from the vantage point of a racetrack’s infield. Picture it: A sunny day in Arcadia, eating and jumping up and down as your horse rounds the corner, and you’re cheering, not from the stands, but really feet away.

FYI, we recommend jumping up and down an hour or so *after* downing three lobster tacos in a row.