‘FoodBizSupply.com’ brings Eco-Friendly Packaging to the Mobile Food Industry

By MobileFoodNews.com


FoodBizSupply.com is operated by Food Biz Supply Distribution LLC (New York) a dynamic, brick-and-mortar, eco-centric food service distribution company headquarted in Midtown Manhattan.

FSB offers free pick-up for local food truck operators and offers shipping throughout the U.S. & Canada as well.

FoodBizSupply.com is the largest online retailer of environmentally appropriate alternative products and packaging for food service. As much as we love our products, we place an even greater emphasis on you – our customer – and ensuring your satisfaction.


They provide buyers the convenience of a one-stop-shop for 300+ biodegradable and compostable products and packaging for food service – and growing. The products are made from natural and renewable resources instead of petroleum and range from Bio-starch plastics, PLA and even Sugar Cane fiber. As they do not believe there is one “green” solution for everyone, they are constantly searching to find the right solutions in order to meet a variety of demands, from independent food service operations to 100,000+ seat stadiums. In essence, they make going green a lot easier.BRANDS

FoodBizSupply.com strives to introduce brands that utilize innovative technologies to create ZERO Waste alternatives to Styrofoam and plastic, which takes at least 1000 years to decompose in a landfill. The plant based offerings combined with biodegradable polymers create products that help reduce the impact on the environment in absolute carbon footprint terms. View Brand List


These products are FDA approved and meet the rigorous requirements set forth by the food service industry. Not to mention, research and testing is done on all new products in order to provide you with with the best available options.


FBS Product Experts are on standby to help you select the right products you need, guide you through the order process, electronically track your shipments and then to call to make certain you have received your order and everything is operating properly.

Whether you are looking to purchase one case or a container load, FoodBizSupply.com is there to service you and your food service supply needs.