One day I was about to turn on State Route 218 when I spotted a bright orange-and-white panel truck with large letters on the side that read “Beach Fries and so much more!”

Since I am a big boardwalk fries fan, I knew I had to find out what in the world this truck was.

So I went to the website painted on the side of the truck,, and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a mobile food truck.

The cool thing is, the Beach Fries truck rotates locations from day to day. You can find out where the truck is going to be by checking the website or Facebook page or by following it on Twitter.

Locations include the old Mary Washington Hospital, Duff Green Park, Hurkamp Park, Celebrate Virginia concerts and just about everywhere that’s anywhere in Fredericksburg.

Eddie and Kim Crosslin are the owners. Eddie Crosslin got the idea for the Beach Fries truck from watching a show on TV called “The Great Food Truck Race.” He and his wife serve everything from fries to crab cakes to deep-fried corn on the cob.

I visited the truck with my friend Karen when it stopped at Duff Green Park. We were picking up some food for our kids, who were at swim practice.

Before I even get to the food, I have to mention that the Beach Fries truck provides a table full of every kind of condiment available. This came in handy when I doused my beach fries ($2.50 for regular) with malt vinegar and salt.

While the fries were tasty and cut similarly to the ones found on boardwalks, they weren’t quite as crispy or as thick.

I tried the crab cake sandwich ($8.50), a handmade crab cake made from a combination of lump and back fin with a minimum of filler and homemade remoulade sauce. The flavor of this crab cake reminded me of the deviled crab that is served farther down south at the beach.

It was definitely fresh and generous with the crab. The remoulade sauce was very spicy but a good complement.

I couldn’t resist ordering the OBX (Ossim Bologna Xtreme) Burger ($4.50) for my son. They literally deep-fat-fry a one-third-pound slab of Smithfield bologna and cover it with cheese and a bun.

It was the right choice for a 15-year-old boy. He loved it. It was the ultimate fried baloney sandwich!

My daughter Maggie and friend Karen had the Big Kahuna Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($6.50). Karen had the combo, which came with the deep-fried corn and a cookie. She reported that the corn tasted very fresh and sweet. She and Maggie both thought the chicken was tender and tasty.

My daughter Celia and Karen’s daughter Michaela each had the Coney Island Corn Dog Combo ($5). Celia said the corn dog was crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle.

She liked that the breading was dense. Michaela echoed that and said the dog was “yummy.”

Michaela let us try her funnel cake ($3), the truck’s newest item. The funnel cake was thicker than normal ones but had that same great taste that all things fried in oil and showered with powdered sugar have.

Karen was a little surprised that the cost of the items from the food truck was similar to prices in a restaurant, but said the quality was as good. To me, if you are stuck at an endless soccer practice during the dinner hour and a food truck pulls up, you will be happy to see it no matter what.

Plus, if you are working in an office and the Beach Fries truck shows up, how cool is it to be able to run out and grab a chicken sandwich?

The Beach Fries truck is a great addition to a continuously evolving Fredericksburg dining scene. Look for it on a street near you.