Fresh Fruit & Ripe Vegetables Coming Soon To the Neighborhoods of NYC!

By Lee Presser

Remember the days when strolling vendors would ride there horse and carts down the streets of New York City yelling “ICE” , “ICE HERE”, or “FRESH FISH”, “GET YOUR FRESH FISH”….Mom would send you down to have the ice man bring up a block of ice for the refrigerator? OK, well maybe your too young to remember that just as I am, but I’m sure you have heard stories.

Today we still hear and see the wonderful HOT DOG carts going up and down the streets feeding New Yorkers in a hurry to get to their next stop.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently signed legislation that is going to bring a different kind of cart to the Neighborhoods of New York City. Introductory  # 665-A was signed by the Mayor on March 13, 2008. This will allow 1,000 mobile food vending carts to sell fresh fruits and vegetables to the citizens of NYC that need it the most.

Everyone understands by now that Americans are inundated with commercials, sights, sounds, and smells of fast food and quick  fixes for hunger pangs. This has led to some health concerns. Adding vending carts to the streets of New York City where we have fast access to a delicious apple or a cup of fresh carrots will certainly improve not only our waistlines, but our way of thinking about nutrition. Most people don’t know that you can get just as great an energy boost from an apples and bananas as you do from a cup of coffee or a candy bar. And there is no crash and burn affect afterwords.

Well, the Mayor of New York City realizes this too. In the next two years, plans are going into effect to get these Green Carts onto the streets. Thanks to some strong support from New York’s Philanthropists, the program will get a jump start for supplies, marketing and new business start up funds. Within the next two years expect to see convenient Green Carts throughout our city. Just one more reason why New York City is one of the leaders in the Health of our Nation.

Read more about New York City Legislation 665-A.

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