Frito-Lay Tops Food Truck Promos with Times Square Test Kitchen

2010 Frito Lays Promotional Food Truck

By Chantal Martineau |

Lay's launches a test kitchen in a marquee, naturally.

Frito-Lay is going one better than the seemingly endless list of companies using food trucks to promote their brands. Instead of driving around town spreading the word on snacks like Lay’s, SunChips, and Tostitos, it’s parking itself right in the center of Times Square in a fully operational test kitchen located on top of the marquee of the Hard Rock Café. Frito-Lay’s executive chef, Stephen Khalil, will be performing culinary demonstrations from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. all week.

2010 Frito Lays Promotional Food Truck

According to the Times Media Decoder blog, the test kitchen will help promote the brand’s recent pledge that about 50 percent of its products will be made with “all-natural ingredients” by the end of this year. Of course, such a big publicity stunt would never be pulled off without a celebrity chef in tow. Michael Psilakis is providing the star power in this effort, alongside Top Chef‘s Padma Lakshmi and Colombe Jackson from The Next Food Network Star. Could pop-up test kitchens be the new promotional food trucks? Take note, young publicists.