Ft. Collins, CO: New Fort Collins Food Truck Brings Party Atmosphere with Late-Night Eats

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FORT COLLINS – A new food truck, Broze and Hoze, is rolling through town, hoping to bring both a fun atmosphere and food to the streets of Fort Collins.

The unusual name is a variation of the common phrase for college-aged partiers, an image the recently opened truck’s owners said they hope to defy with their work ethic and culinary skills.

“We wanted to turn something that has a stigma attached to it into something positive,” owner Ryan Kaufman said. “Not all young kids are out there not doing anything with their lives.”

The truck will be parked in downtown Fort Collins until 2:30 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, so youngsters will have a late-night food option, regardless of whether they’re up studying or taking in the city’s nightlife.

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Kaufman, along with girlfriend and business partner Caitlin Conway, are both Fort Collins natives and food truck enthusiasts who wanted to bring their version of food truck culture to their hometown.

“We saw it as a thing not really in Fort Collins, but in the bigger cities,” Kaufman said. “We wanted to bring what we thought food trucks are really about to Fort Collins.”

The truck features original recipes of sliders and sides, fried macaroni and cheese, and even a couple of breakfast options.

All the menu items have tongue-and-cheek names, just like the truck, but Kaufman and Conway say they’re about more than just having a good time with food. They plan to work with Fort Collins Rescue Mission and brought food to a benefit for High Park Fire victims last weekend.

“We’re trying to make a good time and give something back to the community,” Kaufman said.