Ft. Worth: Salsa Limon Food Truck

by Josie | EatThisFtWorth.com

Salsa Limon’s outpost on Berry attracts many a passerby with it’s bright van and the smell of tacos swirling through the air. This truck bridges the gap between authentic taco truck where high school Spanish and some Imodium comes in handy and gourmet tacos. These tacos lean more towards the Mexican Street Taco and it’s only their flavor that give a nod toward gourmet without gimmicks. Oh and don’t sweat your remedial Spanish it won’t be necessary to read the menu or order.

Salsa Limon on BerrySalsa Limon Food Truck 

I’ve eaten there several times and I’ve yet to be disappointed. You can grab a Mexican Street Taco here with your choice of meats: Steak, barbacoa, chorizo, spicy pork, pollo (chicken) and lengua (tongue). The menu also clearly states that lengua is tongue so there’s no unexpected surprises. But hey you earn some street cred in my book if you order up some lengua tacos, the almost gamey taste takes some getting used to .

The tacos come double wrapped in corn tortillas, lime wedge on the side, and topped with cabbage, cilantro, and onions – the trinity of taco toppings. Depending on the day, the cabbage topping can disturb the delicate topping to meat ratio and goes from being an added texture to taking away from the flavor of the meat. You can of course easily remedy this by removing some of the extra toppings before taking a bite – and it’s only a 3-4 bite taco so you don’t want to waste a bite. After you adjust your toppings Salsa Limon pulls everything else off quite nicely.

Tacos from Salsa LimonTacos from Salsa Limon 

I really admire their selection of salsas as well, that adds a whole other component to the taco ratio. Do you go with a mild tomatillo or piquin or go for the gusto with the jalapeno salsa? These decisions I best leave up to you to experiment with. The Pastor (spicy pork) has quickly become my go-to taco here. It lacks some of the complexity of some of other “al Pastor” tacos I’ve enjoyed but I find it to be a solid choice especially when drizzled with jalapeno salsa. The barbacoa stands out as another good choice and the chorizo though lacking some spice still held it’s own.

Taco al Pastor from Salsa LimonTaco al Pastor from Salsa Limon 

Ok, enough about tacos. I’m a huge torta fan and nothing I’ve tasted in Fort Worth compares to the version you find on the streets in Mexico. So the torta I bit into at Salsa Limon pleasantly surprised me. The toasted, thin glistening bread made the perfect pillow for the barbacoa and cabbage filling. Next time I will order the torta without the cabbage and topped only with avocado, similar to the last torta I had in Mexico – I think I might hit the torta jackpot with that combo.

Torta from Salsa LimonTorta de Barbacoa 

So, come on and pay Salsa Limon a visit why don’t ya?  For the quality you get, the tacos are a bargain at $1.75 and we can all easily find that spare change sloshing around our car, sofas, or purses. The well thought out tacos and offerings at Salsa Limon make them a notch above your ordinary food truck, there’s potential for greatness here if you’re willing to experiment. Believe me it’s been a chore that I look forward to.  Need I mention that stay open until 3AM?  So there’s no excuse for not filling your belly full of tacos.

Eating my way through their menu and trying out all the different combinations and still having latte money left over isn’t something I get to experience too often. That’s what makes street food and food carts great – you can experiment, you can try different things for less than the price of a latte. Go for the tongue man – just to say you did it! If it’s not for you, fine, you are out some spare change but you gained some street cred, at least in my book.

*Note – the mobility of the food truck means they might not always be at their usual spot.  When I wrote this they were firmly planted on Berry Street, now it seems they might be moving around while construction goes on around Berry.  Keep an eye on their website, their Facebook page, or my etfw twitter feed for updates.

Salsa Limon
Where: W. Berry next to The Cellar
Hours: Monday – Sunday 8AM – 3AM
Type of Food: Tacos, Tortas, Quesadillas, and Burritos
Price: $1.75 taco on up to $5.25 for tortas and burritos