Ft. Worth, TX: Easy Slider Food Truck to Open a Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant in Deep Ellum

By George Lewis  |  D Magazine


There they grow again.  Easy Slider food truck  is opening a brick and mortar restaurant in Deep Ellum.  Owner/chef Caroline Perini told me about it in early March when they were working on the lease deal, but asked for confidentiality.  Yesterday, they posted an Instagram picture of their “Leased” sign.  H/T to Central/Track who picked up on it.  Easy Slider will be at 2701 Main St. which is just down from Pecan Lodge.

The menu will feature 10 sliders at any one time plus a “Slider of the Month.”In addition to a full bar, the Southern-inspired bar food will include house-made pork rinds and smoked sausage sticks.  They continue to debate french fries for the menu and have asked me to ask SideDish readers for input.  Are fries a must-have for a slider joint?

Easy Slider’s will include seasonal soft serve ice cream.  If they were open today, we might see a peach ice cream. Plans now include staying opening until 3am.

In addition, Perini and co-owner Miley Holmes are planning on a Sunday family lunch/dinner inspired by their memories of Sunday meals.  On Sundays, they’ll expand thei menu to include their new glazed doughnut slider and “buckets of fried chicken.”  They warn me that the Sunday specials will be limited.  So when they do open their doors on Sunday, make sure your preacher knows, say your Amens, and get your order placed early.

Easy Slider joins a number of food trucks that have opened up physical locations, including Nammi, SoCal Tacos, Lee’s Grilled Cheese, Green House, and Cajun Tailgators.  With summer truck temperatures near 120 degrees inside of the hot box truck and the problems associated with rain, engines and transmissions, the brick’n’mortar looks immensely appealing to those who have established a solid brand.

Perini expects to open in late 2015 or early 2016.  All three of the existing trucks will continue to run.