Ft. Worth, TX: Food Truck Review – Gastro Bomber

By Contributor | DFW.com

Shepherd’s Pie croquettes from the Gastro Bomber (Special to DFW.com/DFW Food Truck Foodie)

Some days you need comfort food and some days you need creative food truck food. Twice, I have had days when I needed both, and the Gastro Bomber was there for me. When I first heard about this truck, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a truck designed to look like a military bomber and a menu that truck owner Rob describes as “pub grub.” I’m not one who usually gets excited about bar food, but cravings can change when it’s food from your local pub, where you feel at home, where the food is warm and comforting, and where you’ll find things you won’t on other trucks in the area.

On my first visit to the Gastro Bomber, I had their Shepherrd’s Pie Croquettes. This version of Shepherd’s Pie has ground lamb and beef, cooked with a veggie medley, wrapped in green chile mashed potatoes and then fried. With two nice-sized croquettes and a side of dipping sauce, this was a very delicious and filling meal. The meat was tender, and the potatoes had a spicy taste that smoothly brought all the other ingredients together.

On my second visit, I had Scottish eggs – my fist time for the dish. I have texture issues with food, so this was not my favorite dish from Gastro Bomber. But if you’re a fan of Scottish eggs – and I understand there are many – I would be willing to bet you will like these. It’s a boiled egg, wrapped in sausage and then deep fried. The taste of each item, individually, was good, and the Guinness Mustard sauce on the side was very tasty.

The Gastro Bomber food truck (Special to DFW.com/DFW Food Truck Foodie)

If you read my Top 10 in ’12 blog post, you already know that I love the Gastro Bomber’s Pig Toes. An order comes with seven or eight tater tots, which, paired with a slice of jalapeno, are wrapped in smoked bacon and then fried. These toes are absolutely delicious! The tater tots are soft, and the jalapeno brings the right heat, not too overwhelming but enough to let you know that it’s there. The onion dipping sauce adds an extra edge of flavor that takes everything to the next level. This is a highly recommended item.

On my second visit to the Gastro Bomber, it was cold … very, very cold. To try to warm myself up, I ordered a cup of Smoked Corn Chowder. And warm me up it did! The chowder has a very smoky flavor and has tons of vegetables of all types. The cream-based broth was flavorful but not overly rich. This was an amazing dish, and one that makes me want to find Gastro Bomber on every cold day.

The Gastro Bomber serves all over Dallas and Fort Worth and parts in between. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite trucks, because of their creativity and delicious, comforting food.

When I posted on Facebook that I loved their Pig Toes, I received several comments that the chicken and waffles sandwich is very good, so that dish is next on my list. The menu rotates, so check in with them often. You can follow the Gastro Bomber on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they will be next.