Fullerton, CA: Local Food Truck Rally a Delicious Success

photo credit - Margaux Brooke, The Hornet

By Margaux Brooke | FCHornet.com

photo credit - Margaux Brooke, The Hornet

Foodies flocked from Los Angeles and Orange County to Fullerton High School on Friday, for a taste of gourmet food truck cuisine. People piled on to the football field to set up their lawn chairs and pop up canopies as food trucks started setting up around the track. Boys from the high school baseball team went around selling raffle tickets to raise money for the upcoming season.

photo credit – Margaux Brooke, The Hornet

The Fullerton food truck round up featured 25 trucks, many of which were highlighted on Food Networks “The Great Food Truck Race” including Crepe’s Bonaparte, Nom Nom, Rajin Cajun, Lime Truck, and even the shows winner, Grill Em’ All.

These gourmet restaurants on wheels aren’t what we would associate with the term “roach coach,” customers’ claim. Hungry patriots were lining up at the brightly painted trucks in anticipation for the inventive fares they’d driven miles to taste.

“I come for the experience, fresh food and variety,” stated Michael Capico of Pomona who was standing in line for the Nom Nom truck. When asked how he found out about the event Capico stated, “Twitter.” Which is how almost every food truck announces where they will be setting up shop each day.

All of the trucks have to stock up on fresh ingredients daily because of the limited room onboard. But despite the set backs in space, the trucks exceed in their mobility.

“We get to go where the business is and bring the food to the people,” claimed Debra Morton, employee of the Twist Burger truck. “We’ve been looking forward to this event at Fullerton and are very excited to be here.”

They weren’t the only ones, by 6pm the sun was setting and the field was covered with families enjoying the live music and laid back atmosphere.

All of the trucks had customers waiting to try their unique gastronomy, but some had more than others. Grill Em’ All, creator of the “Behemoth,”a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns,had a steady line of 25 plus people for the entire duration of the event.

Not all of the trucks were simply selling food, Stephen Domingue of Lafayette, Louisiana, owner of Rajin Cajun was giving everyone an extra side of personality with their shrimp po’ boy and gumbo bisque. Domingue, who has 20 years experience in the restaurant business, claims he had the best food on the show (The Great Food Truck Race) and his customers weren’t disagreeing. John Haines of Anaheim, California, was chowing down on Domingue’s chicken and sausage bisque and said he would definitely drive a distance to eat it again.