Gainesville, FL: CRA to Look at Growing Food Truck Industry

by Chad Smith |

Rolling down the street, smoking turkey (or, Snoop Dogg reference aside, preparing whatever kind of food that meets your fancy).

At its meeting Monday, the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (the alter ego of the City Commission) will hear about the growing industry of food trucks in places like Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles.

While Gainesville already has at least one mobile kitchen, Chow Now Food Truck (see The Sun’s story from February), CRA staff will present commissioners with the upsides of the industry and potential regulatory roadblocks that might need to be ironed out.

Those issues include how many permits to issue, how large the trucks can be, where they would be allowed, fees and inspections.

In the agenda for Monday’s meeting, which starts at 3 p.m. in the City Hall auditorium, the staff wrote that the vehicles add an “abundance of quirky character” and “enhance street life” to cities across America in addition to offering up crepes, hot dogs, barbecue, waffles, sandwiches, cupcakes and a host of other things. Locally, Chow Now serves paninis, sandwiches and fries.

If another vendor wanted to set up shop in Gainesville, what would you want it to serve, or are you uneasy about eating food-truck food? (My vote is for jambalaya.)