Get More Eats on Seattle Streets with New Law [video]

Seattle's Marination Mobile


Seattle's Marination Mobile

SEATTLE — With Seattle’s new street food law in effect, get ready to see more food trucks not only on private property, but on city streets.

Part of the new food truck law puts mobile restaurants like food trucks on public streets instead of private lots. They’ll take up precious parking spots but will pay the city about $1,000 a year for the space.

The new law is part of the city’s economic development plan.

The city isn’t expecting an explosion of food trucks right away. As of Thursday, they have five applications and dozen of inquiries. After permitting and inspections, the city will hold a lottery for street space. Instead of going to a restaurant, the restaurant will come to you.

Gary Johnson with Seattle’s Planning Department says it provides an opportunity for people to start their own business at a relatively low-cost.

Truck owners say they’re now scouting out street locations. They can’t be near a high school or within 50 feet of an existing restaurant, but they sense there is a market in Seattle.

For food trucks like Marination Mobile, they are now considering getting three street permits under the new rules. With the more food trucks comes a variety of food and hours and a way to make neighborhoods more attractive.

There are some drawback for food on streets. The King County Health Department says truck owners will have to make a deal with other business to provide bathrooms for customers.