Grand Rapids, MI: Froyo Fans – What’s your Favorite Grand Rapids Area Frozen Yogurt Shop?

Fruit-topped frozen yogurt from Sweet Yo's. (File photo | MLive Media Group)

By Shandra Martinez  |  Michigan Live

Fruit-topped frozen yogurt from Sweet Yo's. (File photo | MLive Media Group)
Fruit-topped frozen yogurt from Sweet Yo’s. (File photo | MLive Media Group)

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — If you like froyo, you have lots of choices for frozen yogurt in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

In the last 16 months, nine businesses have – or soon will – open a combination of 17 frozen yogurt shops or froyo-on-the-go food trucks from Ada to Holland. That doesn’t include TCBY which has been around since the late 1990s

The new wave of frozen yogurt shops include: Frozen Yogurt Inspirations, Spoonlickers, yogurt shop at Arnie’s restaurant, Sweet Yo’s, Pump House, Bloop, Orange Leaf, Peachwave and Yolendz.

With so many options, tell us which frozen yogurt shops rise above the rest.

When we asked this question on our Facebook page, we heard from fans of Spoonlickers, TCBY, Sweet Yo’s, Bloop and Peachwave. Here’s what they had to say:

Melody Malone James: Love frozen yogurt…but the whole new “pay by the ounce” concept is quite pricey. I prefer the “small, medium, large”… the way TCBY always did it back in the day

Sheryl Sprague: PINKBERRY!! However, the only one in Michigan is in Ann Arbor. They are the best and don’t charge by the pound….insane…. I wish a Pinkberry would come to Grand Rapids!!!

Erika Crenshaw: Spoonlickers! Great toppings, all homemade, intriguing flavors + vegan offerings that are super duper good.

Lynn Vickery: Spoonlickers. Hands down.

Dianne McClintic: SweetYo’s! We can walk there and the lemon sorbet is fabulous!

Shannon Green: BLOOP!

Brian Dykhouse: The Pump House at Celebration. Salted Caramel Pretzel is by far the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had.

Jeremy Land: We’ve been hitting up Peachwave of Holland every weekend for awhile now.

Kelly Vanderwell: spoonlickers