Heavy Duty Mobile Restaurant Equipment

Putting together a complete commercial kitchen on wheels requires the same attention to detail of a brick and mortar dining establishment. Mobile restaurant equipment not only needs to be able to hold up to normal commercial cooking, but take the beating it may get from potholes, speed bumps, and other road hazards that could damage the internal parts of substandard equipment.

Outfitting a new truck for food service will require some specialized personnel to put everything together for you. Creating a mobile catering kitchen or a breakfast and lunch mobile bistro requires diversely different equipment, and choosing the right items will depend on the menu you will be working from when serving customers.

A mobile catering truck requires more of a conventional commercial kitchen with ovens, stove top ranges, refrigerator, deep freeze, microwave oven, drink dispensers, and storage for dry goods as well as china, glasses, and flatware.

You will also need a gas generator to supply power to all equipment for remote locations, and while transporting frozen or refrigerated food items. Optionally you can either have your kitchen built around a trailer format or like the lunch wagon format where you actually are driving your kitchen to the customer’s location.

If your client base includes traveling to construction sites, fairs, carnivals, or really any location where large crowds gather. You will want the all inclusive truck that is transformed into a mobile kitchen.

The equipment will vary from a catering business, and you will need products, like bun warmers, heating trays, heat lamps, hotdog cooker, deep fryers, and exhaust hoods. Your basic appliances like range tops, and ovens are still needed, but when specializing in fast food the other appliances will make short work for you, and get piping hot food to your customers within a minute of pulling up to the work sight.

Mobile kitchen equipment is not as much a commodity as conventional restaurant appliances and are priced at a little higher premium – even used restaurant equipment. There are companies that produce turnkey truck and kitchen packages to cut down on the work you would normally put into building one of these kitchens yourself. This would allow you to get on the road to profits much quicker than usual.

The other benefit to buying a complete product is the company you have purchased the truck from can handle all warranty and service work. You will not have to worry about the warranties on each item, as they will handle everything concerning the unit as a whole.