Hit the Brakes! Vegan Food Truck Weddings

By RosePedalsVeganWeddings.com

You see them roaming the streets looking for a place to sell their wares.  They might be parked at your favorite spot or at your local college.  They’re elusive, crafty, but most of all… DELICIOUS!

One might ask if there is a place for Vegan Food Trucks in weddings?  Some might feel that they aren’t the poshest option and well their staff don’t dress in black tie however they are full of creative, clever and amazing vegan friendly goodies that are just waiting to be devoured.  We caught up with Adam Sobel from The Cinnamon Snail Vegan Food Truck to find out how exactly a Bride and Groom can incorporate the Food Truck concept into their wedding day.

What are some fun ways a Bride and Groom can incorporate a food truck into their wedding?

As New Jersey’s only 100% vegan organic caterer we offer lots of ways to serve weddings and other festive events. We offer all of the traditional wedding options, from buffet meals, to passed hors
d’oeuvres, plated multi course dinners, and vegan wedding cakes.  Operating one of the countries top rated vegan food trucks, allows us to provide an onsite kitchen to locations that are otherwise
unequipped to execute a totally over the top wedding meal.

In addition, our food truck can fit into a fun “themed” reception, breaking the traditional reception mold. A fixed small menu can be arranged and guests can order their meals right from the truck. It’s a
different and novel way to expedite meal service at a funkier wedding.

How many people can you serve at one “sitting”?

In our standard catering service (buffets, plated dishes, bar etc) we can accommodate quite large numbers.  With the truck, serving as a kitchen base for the event, we can also keep the volume very high. When the event is set up for guest to order directly from the truck, we like to keep the number of guest below 150, so wait times are as short as possible.Scrumptious Dish From Cinnamon Snail Food Truck

Would you say that a Food Truck would cost the same/less/more than a traditionally catered wedding?

It depends on the frills, location and even the day of the week. Part of being able to bring our truck to a wedding or other private event, relies on covering the sum of money we expect to take in on the street that day. So, a private event on a Friday will need to pay an additional $1,700 to have the truck on location, whereas on a Sunday the additional cost of reserving the truck is $3,000.

Are there any logistical considerations involved when wanting to hire a food truck?

Make sure the truck is able to rapidly facilitate the agreed upon menu. Make sure any additional permits required for the township your event is in have been obtained. Make sure it is realistic for the
truck to provide AMPLE food for all of your guests, without any extra stress, or complications being added to your management of the event.

Chef Adam Sobel of Then Cinnamon SnailChef Adam Sobel runs The Cinnamon Snail, the country’s first organic vegan food truck. The Cinnamon Snail has been named the country’s BEST vegetarian street food by PETA, named one of America’s top 10 food trucks by yahoo, and was a finalist in the 2010 Vendy Awards (which Chef Mario Batali calls the “Oscars of Street Food”).  When he is not cooking up a storm on the truck, he is testing recipes for his upcoming cookbook, or planning wedding cakes with his wife Joey.