by LQ | PCDNews.com

There are few things Brian Folb cares more about than being involved in the effort to improve and revitalize the Hollywood Community. The Folb family of Paramount Contractors and Developers, and Brian in particular, has been dedicated to that cause for decades. Now his dedication has been honored with his election to a third three-year term on the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Brian has been an integral factor in the success of many exciting developments in the area in recent years that have made Hollywood a better place to live and work, and the community is indeed fortunate to again avail itself of his knowledge, passion and experience.

The Chamber of Commerce works closely with local businesses to help shape the future of the community. We wanted to ask Brian a few questions regarding his new term and how he envisions Hollywood changing and growing during the coming years. All of us who live or work in Hollywood have a vested interest in improving the community. Here are his responses:

Have the brick and mortar restaurants in the area managed to reach an amicable balance with the food trucks that are now so prevalent on the streets?

No. There is still a lot of concern about where these trucks should be permitted to congregate. Although most of the truck operators are considerate of the local restaurants & shops, there are no rules in place as to where & how many of the food trucks can congregate at any given time. Technically they could park in front of anyone’s shop in an attempt to siphon off their business. They also take up valuable parking spaces for people who want to shop in the area. This simply isn’t reasonable or fair. I don’t think the Chamber is against street vendors in Hollywood, however there need to be regulations in place for public safety & in order for all to coexist without allowing any kind of unfair advantage that will effectively put the fixed shops out of business.