Houston: Bernie’s Burger Bus Chef Goes Beyond Burgers

By Sarah Rufca | CutureMap Houston

Turner to do food at Reserve 101, debut 2nd outer Loop food truck

Bernie’s Burger Bus owner Justin Turner has a busy fall planned. In addition to becoming a first-time dad, he’s debuting a second, outer-Loop-only Bernie’s Burger Bus in December, the first food truck to focus solely on Sugar Land, Katy and The Woodlands.

He’s also taking his culinary creations outside the bus by partnering with whiskey haunt Reserve 101 to create an exclusive new menu.

“A world-class whiskey bar should have world-class food, and Justin fits in so well with Reserve 101,” says Reserve rep Tony Lentini.

Reserve 101 is currently making a few upgrades to its East Downtown space, adding more room behind the bar (the better to serve more whiskey), but Turner says he hopes to be serving his food later this fall. While the exact menu is still being tweaked, Turner says there won’t be any burgers on it.

“I’m excited to showcase something a little different … it’s going to be more upscale,” he says. “Everything we’re doing is with respect to the slow food movement. It won’t be plated or anything, but everything will have long cook times and low heat. We’re trying to keep true to making everything from scratch.”

What bars in Houston serve the best food? Are you looking forward to seeing what Turner will do with a non-burger menu?