Houston, TX: Friends Team Up to Make Burger Truck Built for the Ages

By Contributor  |  New Fix Now

HOUSTON, TX – Alright guys, it’s the last Friday of the month and around here that means one thing: Food Truck Friday. This week we’re taking a ride Matt Epperson and Andrew Sheil in ‘Mister Sizzles Curbside.’

“We were just thinking, like, ‘what would be a good name for a truck,’ explains co-owner Matthew Epperson, ‘like, when you think of food, what kinds of things come to mind?”

And when the recipe in question calls for burgers stuffed with everything from bacon to blue cheese, it doesn’t take long to figure it out.

“We’re like,’Mr. Sizzles,’ and he’s like, ‘Mr. Sizzles Curbside,’ and we’re like, ‘that’s it.’”

The truck has been on the road and rolling since September. But Chew on This: when it came time take-on the burger business, these guys didn’t fool around.

“We actually, kind of, interned at a grill,’ says Andrew. ‘He interned for about, like, six months to a year, and I did about three months there, and we cooked everything there.”

The results speak for themselves.

“People call us more often,’ Matthew explains. ‘We’re already having to double-book and get rid of shifts.”

“It’s been crazy,’ Andrew adds. ‘There’s always something that goes wrong on a food truck, so you’ve got to be a mechanic, you got to be a plumber, all the above.”

The good news is that the guys are keeping it on the road and turning out the goods, one burger at a time, and definitely doing things the Houston way.