Indianapolis, IN: Ricker’s Rolls With ¡AhhBurritos! Food Truck

By CSP Daily News Reporter  |  CSP Daily News


This month, Ricker’s expands its fleet of convenience stores to include the ¡AhhBurritos! food truck. The vehicle will serve a variety of fresh Mexican breakfast and lunch dishes throughout the streets of central Indiana, complete with a mobile RickerPop fillup station.

“We saw the relevance of mobile food for on-the-go customers in our communities, but we didn’t want it to be like fast food,” said Ricker’s president and CEO Quinn Ricker. “We developed a fresh, gourmet menu that is truly a great value.”

The ¡AhhBurttios! food truck will serve various street locations throughout central Indiana, including Anderson and Indianapolis Ricker’s convenience store locations. Menu items will include several customizable options like burritos, quesadillas, salads, and nachos with plenty of toppings.

The tagline is “They’re quesorrrific!”

The Tres Leches Cupcake dessert completes the menu.

Manager and chef Brad Pyle will also serve up his homemade salsas, including Classic Tomato, Black Bean & Corn, ¡AhhBurritos! Verde and Red Hot Jalapeno.

“I’m thrilled to hit the streets with ¡AhhBurritos! and introduce this new food truck, and I’m especially excited to debut the homemade salsa options,” Pyle said. “They’re truly one-of-a-kind.”

The ¡AhhBurritos! truck will also include built-in speakers for entertainment while a customner’s burrito is made to order. They can also fill up their RickerPop at the fountain station on the side of the truck.

“If our food truck customers enjoy these burritos as much as our taste-testers have, this would be the first step in a journey to a great in-store Ricker’s food offer,” Ricker said.

Customers can view the full menu at, and follow the truck’s location each day on Twitter at @AhhBurritos.

Anderson, Ind.-based Ricker Oil Co. Inc. was founded in 1979 by Jay and Nancy Ricker.  Since its inception, Ricker’s has grown to include 50 convenience stores, which employ more than 650 Indiana residents.