Irvine Lanes Food Trucks

By Rosemary | RoRoRoYourBlog

Food trucks have been “having a moment” in Southern California for a few years now. And while they seem to have the strongest following in Los Angeles (here’s my fave LA food truck), Orange County has become quite the hot bed of activity for four-wheel foodies.

Every Wednesday night, from 5:30 to 9, several food trucks form a covered-wagon style circle in the parking lot of Irvine Lanes. Then folks mosey around the open space until they decide how to get their grub on.

There’s a whole lot of fusion going on–these Vietnamese pork sliders from The Burnt Truck were offered alongside fried chicken sliders, Mini-Mac sliders and PB&J sliders. And many of the trucks feature some sort of Asian-inspired taco.*
It’s fantastic people watching! Though I will say, I did feel insanely uncool and slightly elderly. Most of the hungry hungry hipsters looked to be college students. Side-note: the other day, the woman threading my eyebrows asked if I was on spring break. Bless her.
The lines weren’t bad at all. However as there was only one dessert option, the Boo-Yah!! Ice-Cream Sandwich truck, those with a sweet tooth (me!) had to wait for about 20 minutes.
What do you think of the food truck phenomenon? Are you a fan? Or do you think it’s gimmicky?