Jacksonville, FL: Food Truck Food Court Coming to Jacksonville

jAX Food Truck Food Court, almost ready to open at Beach and Carmichael (Photo: Andrew Capasso)

By Andrew Capasso |  First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In just a few weeks, there will be a centralized spot where you can choose from several food trucks for lunch, and even have a place to sit and enjoy your meal.

“I just think it’s going to be something fresh and cool for Jacksonville,” said Anthony Hashem. He’s the owner of the Happy Grilled Cheese Food Truck, and behind the Jax Food Truck Food Court.

Hashem says he got the idea after seeing it in other big cities. He says an idea that could work very well in Jacksonville.

“They’ve given us the opportunity to expand so we’re taking that opportunity and running with it,” he said.

The Food Court will be near Beach Boulevard and Carmichael on the Southside. Hashem says he’d like 3-5 food trucks each weekday for lunch. For business customers, an old store on the property is being renovated to accommodate business meetings while customers enjoy their food.

Hashem says more than 25 food trucks have signed on.

“I’m pretty stoked on it, I think it’s gonna be a home run,” he said.

Hashem hopes to open the food truck food court by the end of the month.