Jacksonville, FL: Jax Beach Mellow Mushroom in Support of Food Trucks

Food Truck

By Paris Carerra  |  WOKV.com

Food Truck
Food Truck

Soon food trucks are coming to Jax Beach but the general manager of Mellow Mushroom tells us he’s not at all concerned.

“I’m okay with it. We always welcome healthy competition.”

Jason Smith, general manager of Mellow Mushroom, tells us the restaurant has been on the beach for about four and a half years. He says he’s not worried about food trucks but does believe there should be a level playing field.

“As long as all the rules are fair for everyone. They have to pay the same taxes and follow the same health codes.”

He says he’ll be keeping an eye on food trucks, looking to see if they offer a speciality item. In turn, he says he would consider making slight changes to his menu. But he says overall, what he and his team has been doing is working. He tells WOKV his customers always come back.

“The clientele has treated us fantastic out here.”

A few weeks ago we interviewed Jax Beach Mayor Charlie Latham who also supports of food trucks. However, Latham stresses the importance of fairness. He told us food trucks would have to maintain a certain distance from brick-and-mortar businesses. He also said they would have to pay all business fees associated with running a food truck.

Smith says Mellow Mushroom already has things in place to compete with food trucks. For instance, he notes they can deliver and also offer catering services.