James Cunningham Hosts New Show ‘Eat St.’

By Jennifer Cox | CraveOnline.com

What’s the latest craze in the foodie world? Street food, and Torontonian (and comedian/actor) James Cunningham is exploring this new culinary trend in the new Food Network show “Eat St.”, which premieres tonight.

Cunningham checks out some of the best street food in American cities like Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and Austin, as well as Vancouver, to explore this unconventional way of “eating out.”

“With what’s been happening with the economy… we have all these great chefs looking for a way to bring their food to the people,” Cunningham said in an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press. “Either you sink a whole bunch of money into a restaurant, or you do what they did and get really creative and you open up a food truck and serve this great gourmet stuff to people on the street. It’s a gourmet restaurant without the restaurant.”

Looking for a two-pound grilled cheese, a midnight taco, or even just the classic street-dog? “Eat St.” has got you covered. And on April 3rd, the Food Network launched an “Eat St.” app, with directions to the best street food in your area within 10 seconds and 3 taps on your phone.

Host James Cunningham has been entertaining audiences for years as a stand-up comedian, appearing on “Comedy Now” and “Comedy Inc.” as well as the NBC show “Last Comic Standing.” He has shared the stage with the likes of Howie Mandel, Craig Ferguson, Steven Wright, and Jeff Foxworthy. He is also a published author.

“Eat St.” debuts on Food Network Canada tonight at 9:30pm.