Joe Jonas: Helping Fans Raise Money One Food Truck At A Time [PHOTOS]

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Help me Joe Jonas, you’re my only hope.

That seems to be what one of Joe’s LA fans told him. The Jonas Brother was spotted in the Silverlake area of LA yesterday helping raise money for the school of one lucky fan. Joe Tweeted:

Help me surprise 1 of my fans & raise money for charity tmrw at Silverlake Rec Center. I’ll meet you guys by the basketball courts @2:30pm!

Aww! That’s so sweet! Maybe he can date one of the many girls he found at the fundraiser instead of looking for love on reality TV? Just a thought.

Joe wasn’t the only one who was a hit with the fans. His dog, Winston, was a also quite the little charmer. I mean, when you’re the dog of Joe Jonas, you’ve gotta learn the proper way with the ladies.

Don’t you wish the Jonas brothers hung out together more? I miss the three of them. Check out all the photos in the gallery and tell us which celebrity you would love to buy food from.