Kansas City: A New Red-Hot Wiener War for Dog Nuvo

Chef Marshall Roth has a new set of wheels.

By Charles Ferruzza | Pitch.com

Chef Marshall Roth has a new set of wheels.

Facebook and Twitter were practically barking this afternoon — including a warning from a certain Kansas City socialite who is friends with the the chef — about the latest dogfight featuring Dog Nuvo co-owner chef Marshall Roth, who has been fighting a dog-eat-dog lawsuit filed by his former boss Ken McClain. Now he’s waging a new battle. This time it’s with the owner of the food truck he was leasing. (Fat City reported on it on August 25.) Roth accuses the owner of the truck of using the vehicle to sell his own damn dogs. Roth won’t reveal the individual’s name (which makes it sort of hard to get both sides of the beef).

Roth accuses the truck owner of taking back the truck after hours and, worse, illegally selling hot dogs under the Dog Nuvo name at last Saturday’s Food Truck Festival at Westport Marketplace.

“I paid $1,300 to have the truck cleaned, insured, licensed, painted with graphics, and to have the generator fixed,” Roth says. “I haven’t really had time to take the truck out and earn some money. So when the owner demanded his $500 rent, I asked for a little more time to get it out on the road to start earning money with it. Instead, he came over late one night and took the truck back.

“The next thing I hear,” Roth continues, “he’s got the truck at the Food Truck Festival and he’s selling hot dogs! I’m the one who is liable if anything should happen to one of those customers. So today I went to the health department and pulled all the licensing. If anyone sees the truck out selling hot dogs, they should call the police.”

Roth says he’s too doggone tired to fight any more wicked wiener wars. “I just want to be done with it,” he says. “All I’m asking is that he take my logo off the truck.”

Roth says he’s not totally out of the food-truck business. “We still have our own food truck. We just haven’t finished converting it. But now we’re going to just focus on that.”