Kansas City, MO: MAG Specialty Vehicles (MSV), Invites Customer to KC Production Facility

By Editorial Staff | MobileFoodNews.com


Seasoned entrepreneurs Duckwall Investment Company tasked MSV with designing, theming, and manufacturing their newest venture, a mobile catering kitchen by the name of Foodie’s Paradise.  The food truck craze they determined could provide the growth they look for in investments.  After a financial analysis and they decided to look for a builder.

After looking at several builders they settled on MAG Specialty Vehicles (MSV) because of their recommendation of onsite visits to meet the engineer and design team, insistence on quality and efficiency, and strategic location smack-dab in the middle of the U.S., in Kansas City.  MSV doesn’t require customers to do on-site visits, but they recommend it.  Lead designer Brad Carlson noted, “On Site visits really allow the vision of the truck to surface and the customer and design team to get on the same page, and become comfortable with each other.”


What Duckwall realized with the onsite visit, is that the MSV facility is the same as parent company MAG Trucks.  Instead of a small builders shop environment like most other food truck builders, MSV builds food trucks with a lean manufacturing process in a production environment.  Carlson added, “We are very organized and lean which in turn passes on savings, quality, and quicker build time to the end user.”   And a real perk is that the MSV will usually take you out to one of famed Kansas City BBQ joints, and pick up the tab.


If you wondering here is what came out of the onsite visit and subsequent build:

A Food Lovers Dream on wheels, insane enough for Chef John Shaft to call his new place of business.  This island hopping themed kitchen will allow Chef John Shaft to tour the country serving his foodie loyal cusotmers.

  • 3 Theme Choices to Choose From
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Complliant
  • Efficient Arrangement of Cooking Fixtures
  • Ability to Cater, Serve Streetside, and Cook for National Concert Tours
  • Weather Proof Exterior TV & Surround Sound System
  • Custom Paint Color & Vinyl Graphics
  • Liquid Propane Generator & Fixtures
  • AC/ & Heat


MAG Specialty Vehicles is a custom design and up-fit firm, specializing in commercial trucks and trailers. Our core customers are Fortune 500 companies, marketing firms, and small businesses. The customers we serve tend to be from the Mobile Food, Promotional, Law Enforcement, and Custom industries.

Strategically located in Kansas City, Missouri the MAG organization appreciates the opportunity to earn your business.

Visit them online at http://magtrucks.com/specialty-vehicles/