KIND Food Truck + Philadelphia = City (full) of KIND love (literally & figuratively)

By Morgan | Philly KIND Field Team

The KIND Food Truck had a very exciting and busy last two weeks in Philly!  We visited the Westminster Mayfair Presbyterian Church Child Care Center in Northeast Philadelphia for our Big KIND Act, where we donated 1,000 books to the students and teachers;  we KINDED health-minded shoppers outsides of Whole Foods Markets throughout the area; and pulled up right outside of City Hall, sampling commuters heading to and from their offices. We even made a guest appearance at NBC Studios and headed down to the Navy Yard to say hello to our friends at URBN.

We were overwhelmed by the KIND love in Philadelphia. “I am in a fantasy right now. I’m a diabetic and running into you guys is like a dream for me. I’m in heaven,” one woman told us while parked outside of 20th & Market.  ”Don’t tell my wife,” a man at URBN’s Corporate Campus said, “but I am in love with these things!”Meeting fellow KINDAHOLICS  and introducing new fans to the brand has been an awesome experience and we’re looking forward to what our newest stop, Washington D.C., will bring.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Food Truck Tour and Events site for more updates and our Twitter feed for exact Food Truck locations (@kindsnacks).