Knoxville, TN: City Leaders Debate Food Truck Policies

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The chamber of commerce in Knoxville held a public discussion on the future of food trucks in the city Wednesday evening.

Knoxville business leaders packed a meeting room downtown to discuss rules governing food trucks and their operation on city streets.

A currently city ordinance prohibits food trucks from operating in the public right of way. In order to give food trucks that right, city council would have to adopt a pilot program or amend the current ordinance.

The city says 15 to 20 food trucks operate in Knoxville.

“Folks seem to really like the food from the food trucks, and just the experience I think a lot of cities have already had this. I think a lot of folks are used to maybe stopping into the food trucks occasionally so it’ll be interesting to see how it all develops,” said Rick Emmett, downtown coordinator.

The city hopes to have a proposal ready to present to city council in the next month to six weeks.