Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce Announces 2011 Legislative Agenda


By Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce



CHICAGO – The Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce (LPCC) today announced their 2011 Legislative Agenda, a signpost document that directs the business organization’s advocacy efforts for the coming year.  The 2011 Legislative Agenda focuses on four key areas – Transportation, Zoning and Development, Tax Climate and Business Climate – that affect local businesses, how business is conducted, the regulatory and financial burden of the area and how customers frequent local shops, service providers, entertainment outlets, cultural institutions and restaurants.

The LPCC is committed to assisting local businesses form powerful and meaningful connections to help their business grow.  In many cases, these connections include elected creating policy affecting the industry or neighborhood the business calls home.  The LPCC has working relationships with dozens of policy makers and decision leaders in Lincoln Park and beyond to assist members with their advocacy and community relations needs.

The LPCC’s Legislative priorities in 2011 include:

  1. Responsible planning for the redevelopment of the Children’s Memorial Hospital and A. Finkl and Sons Steel facilities;
  2. Support for Chicago’s cultural institutions, entertainment centers and artisans who help the City stand as a global leader and travel destination;
  3. Strengthening Chicago’s food reputation while creating jobs with the approval of an ordinance legalizing Mobile Food Trucks;
  4. Working with various community leaders to develop practical parking solutions for both customers and business owners; and
  5. A dedication to other transportation solutions including bicycle-friendly solutions, high speed rail and public transportation.

In the coming year, the LPCC will use media statements, chamber communication tools, social media, City Hall testimony, community meetings and interaction with elected officials to share the pro-business message.  In many cases the LPCC will also work directly with other chambers of commerce and community groups to form strong partnerships on innovative policies and/or coalition building.

Specifically, after working with retiring Alderman Vi Daley (43rd), Alderman Tom Tunney (44th) and Alderman Scott Waguespack (32nd) to develop a Parking Task Force in 2010, the LPCC looks forward to re-igniting this group to determine a solution that assists businesses and appeases the concerns of local restaurants.  A busy election season has since stalled this Task Force.

“The City of Chicago and State of Illinois are both facing new political landscapes in 2011,” said Kim Schilf, LPCC President and CEO.  “While new faces fill the seats at City Hall and the State Capitol, it is vital to the success of businesses that there is support for their needs with our policymakers.

“The Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce works with our members and elected officials to provide the facts about key issues affecting the business community in working toward a compromise,” Schilf said.  “While difficult decisions will continue to have to be made in Lincoln Park, Chicago and Illinois, we ask that responsible solutions are provided to limit the regulatory and financial burden on our local businesses.”

In 2010, the LPCC’s Government Affairs Committee worked both proactively and reactively on behalf of local businesses.  In April, the LPCC was vocal against the so-called “Massage Parlor” ordinance that would limit where these establishments could open.  Throughout the year, the LPCC shared a strong position in favor of the Mobile Food Trucks ordinance as well as redevelopment of Lincoln Park Hospital.  Through letters to local Alderman, press statements and testimony at the Chicago Planning Commission and Zoning Committee, the LPCC worked to bring new customers to local businesses through the Webster Square development.

The LPCC’s 2011 Legislative Agenda was drafted based on research, input from local businesses, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s legislative work and recommendations from the LPCC’s Government Affairs Committee.  The Legislative Agenda was approved by the LPCC Board of Directors on March 24, 2011.

About the LPCC
The LPCC is a nonprofit organization of approximately 550 local businesses, institutions and professionals united to help businesses in Lincoln Park succeed and grow.  The LPCC believes that business prosperity contributes to the vitality of the Lincoln Park community.   For information about upcoming events, advertising opportunities or membership, call the LPCC office at (773) 880-5200 or visit them online at