Little Rock, AR: Food Truck Festival Aims to “Sweeten” Main Street

By Hubert Tate |

LITTLE ROCK, AR. — Vendors at the Main Street Food Festival hope to sprinkle energy back into the area. From the hot foods to the cold ones, today’s event is meant to bring people back to the area using food trucks and other local establishments.

“I’m out here to sell my gourmet popsicles,” said vendor Laurie Harrison who supports any idea to revitalize the forgotten section of downtown.

The festival is sponsored by the Downtown Little Rock Partnership. After input from the community, organizers knew this would be the right recipe to stir Main Street into a happening place. Even though this is the first year, planners already anticipate a better serving for 2012.

“Are there things we will correct for next year? Absolutely. But I think the first time event is going really well,” said executive Director Sharon Priest.

For those who attended, there was a lot to pick from the menu.

“I really want to get a good smattering of them all,” said patron Dan Bufford.

More than a dozen vendors participated in today’s event. Planners say revitalizing the area won’t be easy, but hopefully functions like this will remind people change is underway.