London, UK: 3 Must-Try Italian Food Trucks

By Malika Dalamal |


Italian food definitely tastes better in the Mediterranean sunshine but – thanks to these 3 food trucks – we’ve come to realise it can taste just as good under London’s grey clouds. Here are 3 must-try food trucks that will take you on a quick and easy trip around Italy without your feet leaving the ground.


This three-wheeler Italian street food van proves that not all food trucks must serve gourmet junk food or crazy fusion dishes. Mr. Gurmetti – sporting the best moustache we’ve seen in a long time – offers traditional sandwiches prepared with simple and fresh ingredients sourced from a small farm near Parma and a butcher in Tuscany. On the menu: smoked shoulder of wild black pig with Tropea onion & balsamic vinegar marmalade in a focaccia bread; a shrimps and lime toast sandwich with mayo and Tabasco sauce or a veggie version with pesto and gorgonzola.


Pizza Pilgrims

The Pizza Pilgrims are making a right meal out of pizza! They sell Napoli-inspired pies to Soho office workers fresh from an oven built in the back of their van. These pies are just like your Italian mamma would make them except they are cooked in a gas-fired stone oven in the back of their little Piaggio Ape and not in her kitchen.


Well Kneaded

‘Firebread’ pizzas baked in a clay wood-fired oven are what you’ll find cooking in the back of this tomato and mozzarella coloured VW van on Northcote Road every Saturday. Toppings include everything from standard pesto, garlic and tomato sauce to beetroot, goat’s cheese and spinach or opt for the dessert firebread with maple syrup, apple, cinnamon and walnuts.