London, UK: UK Street Food Market Dominated by SSP, West Cornwall Pasty and AMT Coffee

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UK street food

There’s no denying that the UK street food industry is undergoing a renaissance at the moment. Good quality food made from high quality produce, served on the side of a road or in a market or festival with a smile. It’s no great surprise that the British Public are lapping it up.

The term ‘Street food’ relates to a relatively new concept in the UK. It has various influences and inspirations, however, it is generally considered to be artisan food sold on the streets, or more accurately, not served from restaurants or café’s.

For many western travellers, the aroma’s, flavours and sheer theatre of food prepared on the roadside provided inspiration for much of the food available on Britain’s streets today.

The multi-cultural nature of British society has also enhanced the development of street food in the UK. The catering industry has traditionally been one of the most accessible to people moving to the UK as can be seen in the popularity of Chinese food, Indian curries, and kebabs from Turkey or Greece.

Health and hygiene concerns severely impacted the UK street food industry over the past five years. More traditional formats such as hot dog and burger vans suffered not only from consumers seeking healthier diets but also due to concern over hygiene levels. Street stalls focused on sweet treats such as confectionery, donuts or cookies, also suffered from consumers shifting towards healthier eating patterns.

SSP, West Cornwall Pasty and AMT Coffee were the clear leaders in street stalls/kiosks in 2011, accounting for 2%, 1% and 1% of overall value sales and 47%, 29% and 16% of chained value sales. These players benefit from operating distinctive brands with large outlet networks.

SSP offers Millie’s Cookies, baguette sandwich specialist Upper Crust and healthy salad and sandwich brand Camden Food Co. West Cornwall Pasty focuses on pasties, particularly Cornish pasties, while AMT Coffee offers gourmet coffee drinks.

The UK street food industry is expected to continue to struggle through 2016, seeing transaction volume declines of 5% and constant value declines of 2%. Industry players will suffer from a number of factors, including ongoing economic concerns, low impulse purchases and consumers’ health and hygiene worries.

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