Los Angeles, CA: The Best Healthy Food Trucks In Los Angeles

The Pokey Rain-Bowl from The Pokey Truck (Photo via The Pokey Truck

By Lauren Lloyd and Krista Simmons  |  LAIST.com

The Pokey Rain-Bowl from The Pokey Truck (Photo via The Pokey Truck
The Pokey Rain-Bowl from The Pokey Truck (Photo via The Pokey Truck


Poke and sushi lovers, this truck’s for you. The Pokey Truck serves up fresh Japanese Hawaiian wraps along with rice bowls and sides. While some may gasp at the thought of carbs, hold those abrupt inhales, as the truck offers a Power Pokey option—salmon and ahi salad, snow crab, spicy tuna and cucumber— without rice. Opt for the soy paper instead of the tortilla, and voila, a healthy treat. The Pokey Rain-Bowl—with ahi tuna and salmon salad atop sushi rice—and the seaweed salad are likely the healthiest of choices.

The Pokey Truck can be found here.


Green Truck lives up to its name, not only by powering its roving mobile with leftover veggie oil and having a solar-powered commissary, but with their eats as well. They use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible for their health-conscious meals, like the Cali Kale Bowl made with organic kale, mushrooms, quinoa, Gilroy garlic, shaved raw beets and carrots; tossed with lemon, sea salt and pepper; and sprinkled with sesame seeds. They also sell kombucha, coconut water and raw vegan energy bars, giving Angelenos proof that fast food doesn’t have to be bad for you.

Green Truck can be found here.

Juicebox's new Melonbox, with watermelon, lime and mint (Photo via Facebook)
Juicebox’s new Melonbox, with watermelon, lime and mint (Photo via Facebook)


Could there be anything more L.A. than a moving juice truck? We think not. There are seemingly as many of these things on the road these days as there were Asian fusion trucks at the beginning of the road stove craze. But we’re not mad. Any time there’s fresh-pressed produce at the ready, it’s a good thing. A few of our favorites include Kreation, Mambo, Juicebox and Juice on the Loose.

Kreation Juice Truck can be found here. Mambo Juice Truck can be found here. Juicebox can be found here. Juice on the Loose can be found here.


Sure, there are some unhealthy treats on the menu, like beer-battered avocado tacos and mac ‘n’ cheese, but there are also plenty of fresh goodies, like the grilled yellow watermelon, ninja kale salads and jackfruit tacos at the vegan Seabirds truck. Many of the items on the menu are gluten-free, too, meaning even folks with dietary restrictions can enjoy them.

Seabirds Truck can be found here.


Southern California’s amicable climate gives ice cream lovers the golden opportunity to indulge any time of year. Lucky for Los Angeles, Organic Oasis slings raw vegan ice cream and smoothies from their eco-friendly mobile, so that indulgence doesn’t really feel like one at all. With fresh coconut water as the base, smoothies are made fresh daily using ingredients like Sambazon acai, fresh dates, raw vanilla, fresh spinach and dragon fruit. All fruit used in the ice creams are fresh and raw. Ingredients banned from the cool treats are added ice, water, processed sugar, gluten and dairy.

Organic Oasis can be found at multiple stores in L.A. and here.

Plant Food for People's vegan jackfruit tacos (Photo courtesy of Plant Food for People)
Plant Food for People’s vegan jackfruit tacos (Photo courtesy of Plant Food for People)


Plant Food for People rolls around town serving up fresh fast food vegan fare using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Their mission is simple: “to become the first ALL VEGAN drive thru in Los Angeles.” And they’re doing so with a small meat-free, gluten-free menu of carnitas-style jackfruit tacos, topped with the eater’s choice from five fresh toppings: chipotle mayo, tomatillo salsa, pico de gallo, NELA coleslaw and New Mexico hot chile salsa (available after August 10, 2013). Slow-cooked pinto beans are also available to accompany the dish. Soy-free options are offered, too. The truck parks at Organix Market in Eagle Rock every Tuesday and at Johnny’s Bar or MorYork Art Gallery in Highland Park every Friday.

Plant Food for People can be found here.


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