Madison, CT: Hundreds Come Out in Madison to Support the Food Trucks

By Brian McCready   |


And the residents have eaten or spoken that is with regard to the Madison food truck controversy.

Several hundred people attended the all day event Friday to largely show their support for the food trucks to be parked where they currently are on School Street.

Some protesters were also present. Protesters have made it clear that they don’t oppose the food truck operators, just their location, and would like them to move to a more commercial area.

“Event was huge,” said organizer Rik Lammers Friday evening. “Everyone but Taco Pacifico and Meriano’s Cannoli truck sold out. And Taco was resupplied 3 times. Well over 800 people I think, I lost count.”

Jennifer Wilson posted on the Madison Food Truck Appreciation Day Facebook page, “Thank you to all that came to eat, and all those that worked all day to feed us!! We just had super yummy carnitas burrito and the slow roasted beef tacos from taco pacifico. Totally worth the wait!!! Missed out on the chips, but theres an incentive for next time. Keep the trucks in Madison!!!!”

Five trucks including Tacqueria Cinco, Taco Pacifico, High Tide Gourmet, Sugar Bakery Cupcake, and Meriano’s Canoli participated.


Anita Griffith wrote on Facebook, “The crowd came out!…thanks for such a great job getting the word out. I spoke with so many families who love coming to the playground and having a snack, then being able to stay at the green or playground. or shopping, or movies.”

Beth Micciche wrote on the event page, “I think this needs to be a monthly event?”

Michelle Rindfleisch wrote, “Had a great dinner of nachos and cupcakes today! Can’t beat that!”

Photos via the Madison Food Truck Appreciation Day Facebook page