Manhattan Beach, CA: Food Truck Fest Raises Money for Schools (video)

By Ronald Dam |

Meadows Elementary hosts its first-ever food truck extravaganza, with part of the proceeds benefiting the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation.

Food lovers congregated at Meadows Elementary Friday evening for a unique culinary experience: gourmet food trucks. The mouthwatering event satisfied taste buds while raising money for the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation, a nonprofit that funds local schools.

A total of eight trucks were on hand to deliver a variety of grub: Barbie’s Q, The Shrimp Pimp, Komodo Food, Buttermilk Truck, Grilled Cheese Patrol, Great Balls on Tires, Chunk-n-Chip and Sweet E’s Bake Shop. Thanks to a large turnout, many hot items were sold out long before the evening ended.

“We came down tonight very happily and willingly,” said Shrimp Pimp owner Neil Macleod. “The crowd showed up and was a much, much larger crowd than we expected.”