Miami, FL: Mysterious Food Truck Related Craigslist Posting & Cauley Square Food Truck Party

Yellow Submarine will be at Cauley Square tonight.

By Laine Doss |

Yellow Submarine will be at Cauley Square tonight.

While perusing Craigslist for the usual classifieds, used furniture, and random hookups yesterday, we came upon this interesting food-truck related item, listed in the “Events Services” section:

Do you have a business that you need help promoting? Do you need to attract hoards of people? Well let me get a group of food trucks for you. I am 1 of the coordinators for a majority of the food truck events you see around Miami, Palm Beach, and Broward. If your interested, get back to me asap and I will help you pull off an event like no other. We attract thousands of people and promise to get you the exposure you have been looking for. I can have from 1 truck to 50 or 60 trucks if you want them. The more trucks you have, the more people it will attract. References all over the state and not 1 single bad event has ever been produced by me so I promise to deliver. Just google food trucks in Miami and 100s of posts will come up. Lets get this going and make a worth while event.

We’re not sure which roundup organizer wrote this, but he (or she) apparently forgot to ask the food trucks whether or not they wanted to be promoted.

Latin Burger’s Jim Heins said that food truckers weren’t too happy about being shopped around as a marketing tool to car dealers, cell phone store openings and flea markets.

Food Truck blogger and roundup organizer, Sef Gonzalez said about the posting, “This is an obvious attempt to cash in on the success of the trucks and not help expand its reach. It’s really sad and whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves.”

On a lighter note, The Cauley Square Food Truck Party is tonight, with plenty of free parking, live entertainment and a beer and wine garden. Cauley Square, an original 1920s railroad station, has been turned into a “village” of shops and art galleries, most of which stay open late on Wednesdays.

Trucks serving dinner from 5:30 to 10 p.m. include Catered Bliss, Clarabelle’s Cupcakes, Dog Eat Dog, Metro Deli Express, El Rincon del Coqui, Shao Roma, Tango Grill, Wing Commander, and Yellow Submarine. 22400 Old Dixie Highway, Cutler Bay

Kendall Car Wash is holding their weekly roundup from 5:30 – 10:00 pm. Come early to get your “bumper polished” and stay for dinner at Latin Burger, Cheese Me, Dim Ssam a Gogo, The Fish Box, Ms. Cheezious, The Red Koi, and Grill Master Cafe. 9750 Kendall Drive, Miami