Miami: Food Trucks Undergo State Inspections

by Jeff Weinsier |

No Roaches, Rodents Found On S. Fla. Trucks


MIAMI — Food trucks have become some of the most popular kitchens in South Florida, and some even have a cult-like following.

A Local 10 viewer wanted to know if the kitchens aboard the food trucks are up to standards and are inspected as restaurants are.

“Yes we are — 100 percent,” said James Heins, of Latin Burger.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspects the trucks and restaurants in the state. There are now 30-plus mobile food trucks around South Florida, and each week, even more hit the road. State inspectors are making sure the trucks do not become roach coaches.

“They will show up at one of your lunches, unannounced,” said Chef Solomon Nerio.

Heins, who now has a second gourmet food truck, had zero violations during his last inspection.

Despite the fact they have wheels, the state inspectors are able to find the trucks at events.

“They check our meats and our facilities,” Heins said.

Local 10 pulled information on the latest inspections. Frita Man had seven critical violations last week, including hand-washing issues.

Sakaya Kitchen was hit with 10 critical violations, including food not held at proper temperatures and hand-washing issues.

None of the trucks had any roach or rodent issues.The cooks at Latin Burger said their kitchens are open for all to see, so they always have to be on their toes.

“They say in the culinary industry, people eat with their eyes first. If they see a lot of un-cleanliness, they aren’t going to want to eat at your truck and we won’t make money,” Nerio said.