Minn / St. Paul: Gai Gai Thai Brings Feisty Street Fare to the Farmers Markets

Our favorite: the Gai Isan bowl.

By Rachel Hutton | Citypages.com

Our favorite: the Gai Isan bowl.

On some of these summer days when it’s been hot as Bangkok at 9 ‘o clock in the morning, we figure, Why try to beat it, when we can join it?

Such weather is just an excuse to indulge in the Southeast Asian street eats of farmers’ market vendor Gai Gai Thai and have ourselves a green curry breakfast.

Kris Petcharawises is the face of Gai Gai Thai, eagerly extolling the virtues of the fare he’s prepared. Gai means chicken in Thai so the bird, raised locally, with natural practices by Kadejan farm, often appears in the form of chicken wings, ground chicken tacos, and, our favorite, the Gai Isan bowl special.

This dish is made from perfectly cooked rice enriched with a bit of green curry and topped with sliced chicken breast that’s slightly sweet and ultra tender–exactly the way you wish grilled chicken always tasted. But it’s the toppings–red cabbage, chilies, fresh mint and cilantro, coconut shavings–that put the Gai Isan bowl over the top.

As for the heat, avoid the chili pepper’s seeds and you’ll keep your taste buds intact. But for those who like to play with fire, a squirt of Gai Gai’s spicy “number 7” sauce will do the trick.

Find Gai Gai Thai Sundays at the Fulton Farmers Market, Sundays at the Kingfield Farmers Market, and Tuesdays at the Midtown Farmers Market. For more details, check Gai Gai’s Facebook page.