Minneapolis, MN: Tin Fish Launching Food Truck

The Tin Fish food truck.

By Michelle Bruch | South West Journal

The Tin Fish food truck.
The Tin Fish food truck.

Tin Fish is taking its ice cream on the road, selling all-natural popsicles out of a restored 1958 Grumman Olson Kurb Side van.

Owner Sheff Priest spent months hunting for the vintage van, finding no more than three for sale nationally at any given time.

“Think 1950s soda fountain on wheels,” Priest said.

The food truck will circle Lake Calhoun, but it can also stop at private parties or venues like the Edina Farmers’ Market.

Along with Tin Fish’s standard ice cream lineup, the chefs are exploring “grown-up novelties,” perhaps coconut-milk ice cream or gluten-free flavors.

Changes are coming to the stationary restaurant as well. Tin Fish is revamping its lighting to install LED lighting and remove floodlights visible across the lake. New perimeter lights will shine all night to improve safety.

“We’re tripling in lighting, and cutting electricity consumption by more than half,” Priest said.

Tin Fish is currently applying to license the food truck, and staff hope to begin making rounds as soon as the weather warms.