Mobile Food: Startup and Entrepreneurial Updates

by Allen Stern |

Here are some good startup and entrepreneurial updates worth reading. If you are looking for a position with a startup, check out Mark Davis’ site. Mark is a venture capitalist in NYC and has put together a web form to capture information for people looking to join a startup. If you are a startup looking to hire, Mark has posted the current roster of talent as well. The current list has about 100 people and a variety of desired positions — a good number of business development folks are listed.

  • What happens when Yahoo acquires you – 37signals
  • How To Find Awesome Startup Roommates – Jason Shen
  • 5 Reasons a CEO Should Never Take the Lead on Selling – Tim Tolan

While I was driving around South Congress Street in Austin, I saw a large parking lot where a good number of food vendors park their food carts and trucks. Here are some good resources if you are looking for food carts while attending SXSW — most of these sites serve a variety of cities around the U.S. I am happy with a knish and a hot dog but today it seems you can get just about anything at a food cart/truck.

As always, send in your startup updates to (general – at – centernetworks – dot – com) and we will consider them for inclusion in next week’s post.