Mobile Food Trucks Invade Nashville (video)

Taste of Belgium

by Amanda Hara |

Taste of Belgium

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Move over stationary restaurants, mobile food trucks are the new trend in Nashville.

Dozens are in business, roaming around town peddling anything from tacos to waffles.

It wasn’t long ago that Tom Perkins left behind his life as an airline pilot and hit the road for Nashville with big dreams of singing country music.

“I think a lot of people come to town with a thousand dollars in their pocket and everything they own in their truck,” Perkins said.

Perkins has a truck all right, but his is unlike any other. His is a means to an end.

My mantra to myself is ‘no waffles, no music’ because I can’t afford to stay in this town and do what I do if this isn’t successful,” Perkins told NewsChannel 5.

With a recipe straight from Belgium, Perkins’ waffles leave patrons with one comment.

“The comment that I get the most when people have it for the first time is ‘Oh My God,'” Perkins explained.

The Taste of Belgium truck comes bearing waffles with a yeast dough instead of batter and beet sugar pearls instead of cane sugar.  They’re smaller and denser, and the beet sugar caramelizes during the cooking process leaving a sweet crusty film on the outside of the dough.

But why the mobile food business? Perkins said it allows you to take your product directly to the consumer, and costs lest than a stationary restaurant.

But what happens when Perkins starts selling music? He said he’ll pay homage to the Waffle by writing it in to his record.

There are nearly two dozen mobile food trucks floating around Nashville.

Most of them connect with consumers through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also check out Nashville Food Trucks for a list of when and where the food trucks will be on a given day.