Montreal, CAN: Food Truck Review – Sauce Overload at Ô Soeurs Volantes

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It has been a long, glorious summer of delicious street food here in MTL, courtesy of the many food trucks circling the city. Whether you’re back in la belle province for school or have been here all summer, remember– you have until November 3rd to dash around the city and sample as many meals-on-wheels as you can. After that, it’s back to Chef on Call and Alto’s.

On one of the first chilly days of September, we headed down to Ô Soeurs Volantes to try their famous organic meatballs. After perusing the truck’s menu, we ordered the Assiette de boulette Tao (vegetarian meatballs with tofu and ginger), quinoa and squash soup, and the homemade lemonade, all of which tallied up to $16.


The vegetarian meatballs were the perfect blend of spicy and savoury. They came served on a bed of roasted vegetables with a garden salad and French fries. No complaints here! We really couldn’t imagine a fresher street-food salad, and the fries were far from being the pitiful, dried-up sticks you’d might expect from a food truck if you didn’t know any better. In spite of this, the meal as a whole was a bit of a disappointment.

Because here’s the thing about sauce– it can pretty much make or break a meal.Sadly, we experienced the latter– the sauce was slathered over the meatballs, veggies, and fries. While delicious, it was waaaaay too overpowering, to the point where every bite felt like a kick in the mouth. Same story with the salad– fresh produce, but pretty much drowning in an excess of vinaigrette dressing.


On top of that, the homemade lemonade looked and tasted as if someone had lazily mixed water, aspartame, and a few drops of pink food colouring. The result was something like extremely bland vitaminwater, far from being worth $3. Notwithstanding, we can say the soup was definitely a redeeming point, with everything you’d expect from squash soup… hearty, rich, filling, and perfect for chilly weather.

While Ô Soeurs Volantes’ emphasis on locally-grown, organic food has gotten them quite the foodie following, setting them apart from their competition, their dishes are in need of some tweaking. The ingredients they use are undoubtedly fantastic, and while the condiments were tasty, they were too much of a good thing. And great food is all about balance.