Free Money for Morels Vegan Food Truck is not new to  We covered this incredible way to raise capital before.  However, I do not think people realize how simple it is to raise you money through Kickstarter.  Here is another project “Morels Vegan Food Truck” that is raising it’s funds through this most incredible and unique website.  Do not let this opportunity past you by!

About this project

My project is small, simple and has a lot of heart behind it. I want to open up a vegan food truck called Morels. I originally designed a cafe named Morels, but fell in love with the idea of a food truck the first time I laid eyes on one. I named the truck after my favorite mushroom in the world, the morel. The first time I saw a morel, I had no idea what it was. I picked it up and was amazed by the way it felt and looked. It had so much character to it. I bought 3 of them (they were like $300 a lb!), took them home and looked up a recipe. I didn’t have enough to really make anything, so my father told me they were best just cooked in butter with a little salt. I cleaned them up, cut them in half and sautéed them for a few minutes. I knew after eating one, that I would one day name something after them. Band? Child? FOOD TRUCK???

I want to serve amazing vegan food. The truck would also be our vehicle for organizing pet adoptions, as well as using all local businesses and produce. The four staple items I would like to serve on the truck will be :

Buffalo Seitan Wings : If you’ve tried seitan before, or you’ve never even heard of it, I promise these will blow your mind. I make the seitan completely from scratch. Whole wheat flour and water are my main two ingredients. The wings are fried in 100% peanut oil, tossed in a creamy buffalo sauce and served with vegan ranch.

Chicken Salad Sandwich : This chicken salad has sautéed shitake mushrooms, chickpeas, and tofu diced up in a food processor with amazing seasonings and FYH veganaise. It’s got a ton of protein, and extremely low fat. The bread will be made fresh from local bakery Lotsa Pasta!

Vietnamese Banh Mi Style Hot Dogs : This hot dog will absolutely blow your mind. It’s the strangest thing I try to get people to try on a daily basis, but also seems to have the biggest returns for seconds, and thirds. Its got a pickled asian slaw on top of a vegan dog, served with a sriracha based sauce.

Garlic Gourmet Fries : Crispy fries, tossed in fresh herbs, garlic and a little vegan butter. Topped with vegan Parmesan.

Special of the week : Every week there will be a new special. Usually either with seasonal vegetables or something we’ve been dying to let people try!

Like I said above, I plan on keeping everything as local as possible. From the coffee, the produce, to the bread. The locations of the truck will be chosen well ahead of time, and will partner all over town.

The money will go towards :

Buying the truck
Painting the truck
Vendors/health permits
Necessary licenses
Food start up

Project location: Louisville, KY