Denver: Mythos Greek to Hit the Streets in 2011

Posted by Shelly | DenverStreetFood

I just got an email from John Moutzouris, the soon-to-be  driver of the soon-to-be rolling Mythos Food Truck. They’re still working out some of the details of the menu, but John writes that Mythos will be “Denver’s first authentic Greek food truck [and] all of our recipes are family recipes brought over from Greece.”

With that last name, the authenticity should not come as a surprise! Regardless, we probably have a few months before this beauty hits the road, but I couldn’t resist posting this sketch up that he sent me of the truck. It looks like it’s going to be one of the massive, full-kitchen dealios like the Steuben’s truck. Can’t wait!  Mythos has been added to the @DenverStreetFood twitter list, and the link rolls to the right, along with their Facebook page. Keep tabs on ‘em, and know that we’ll be updating you as we hear more!