Nashville, TN: Dallas Shaw keeps Hoss’ Busy with Anniversary, New Truck

Dallas Shaw and Hoss’ Loaded Burgers plan to open a second food truck. (Photo: Jud Davis Photography)

By Jen Todd  |

Dallas Shaw and Hoss’ Loaded Burgers plan to open a second food truck. (Photo: Jud Davis Photography)
Dallas Shaw and Hoss’ Loaded Burgers plan to open a second food truck.
(Photo: Jud Davis Photography)

In August, Nashville’s stuffed-burger food truck Hoss’ Loaded Burgers celebrates its third anniversary and a brand new, second truck. We caught up with chef/owner and Nashville Food Truck Association president Dallas Shaw on the latest Hoss’ news.

How did you get into cooking? I actually grew up cooking in the kitchen with my mom. I almost didn’t go to college and went straight to culinary school, but my parents wanted me to get a degree. So I got my business degree in May 2005. I decided to go straight in and do a master’s degree in two years. Then by that point I was out of the cooking mindset and worked with a couple of large corporate companies. I finally got the cooking bug again. Back then there really weren’t that many burger places. None of them were doing stuffed burgers so I knew I had a niche.

What’s new at Hoss? The biggest news is the new truck. I was trying to decide whether to have a brick and mortar or franchise and have another truck in another city, or even try a truck with totally different food. But I figured I already got the business plan and the menu and the clients, so why not have another truck?

What is your favorite burger at the moment? In June we had the Big Kahuna pineapple and in July we had the Red, White and Blue (with blue cheese, wing sauce and buttermilk ranch.) The Red, White and Blue is my favorite. It’s a messy burger but it is amazing.

What is your favorite ingredient at the moment? I know it’s very polarizing but I love cilantro.

Tool? I have a pair of tongs I really like using. If it’s upright they lock and if it’s pointed down they open.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from owning and operating a food truck? It’s wonderful to make something delicious, something you’ve created and sell it to a customer and see them bite into it and just gush into how good is. You get immediate gratification from it.

If you could cook for anyone, who would it be and what would you cook? My grandmother, my dad’s mother. She and I always cooked Thanksgiving dinner together. She passed away when I was in my young 20s, so she was not part of the food truck idea. I would love her to try something from the truck. She’d probably just stick with (the Old Timer). She didn’t like crazy flavored things.

How are things at the Nashville Food Truck Association? I took over (as president) in January. Right now we’re working with the Brentwood zoning department to allow food trucks back in the Brentwood area. In the August meeting, 10 new trucks will introduce themselves.

Dallas Shaw, chef/owner of Hoss’ Loaded Burgers, 615-628-7437

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