National News: Real-Time GPS Positions Help Business

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One of the biggest crazes currently taking Southern California by storm is the food truck. However, these food trucks aren’t the roach coaches  serving up microwaveable burritos on construction sites. Instead, these popular food trucks are offering Korean BBQ, Texas style home cooking and a variety of fusion dishes. These food trucks are mobile restaurants cooking up anything a person can imagine, and doing so with fresh ingredients at reasonable prices. Although many of these modern food truck companies have cult-like followings, having what is essentially a mobile store front can make it difficult for patrons and consumers to know exactly where a particular mobile restaurant is located at any given time. This is the reason why so many mobile restaurants are equipping food trucks with real-time GPS trackers.

GPS Tracking For Food Trucks

Most food truck operations understand their local market, utilize both twitter and Facebook to stay connected with their fans and have to know where mobile assets are positioned at all times in order to maximize potential profit. This is why real-time GPS trackers are the perfect fit for this particular form of service-based business model. Through ShareSpot technology that is free to any user of theSilverCloud GPS system, companies can paste an HTML code on their company website or facebook page that will allow anyone to access the location of any food truck. This data is not only easy to interpret, but it can also be accessed by any mobile communication device or cellular phone with Internet capabilities. What is even cooler is that the same real-time GPS tracking solution will help mobile restaurants manage food trucks in the field, improve routing efficiency, eliminate excessive fuel consumption and provide auto-theft security.

“Food truck operations really love the ShareSpot technology offered exclusively through SilverCloud GPS systems because it allows them to better connect with the customer”, explained a fleet tracker specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. “We the growing popularity of food trucks in metropolitan regions as well as smaller markets, the use of real-time GPS trackers will only continue to rise, helping those businesses with logistics, safety and marketing.”

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